There certainly are some disadvantages to listing your house or cabin for sale in the winter. A home’s curb appeal invariably suffers when its landscaping is buried beneath ice and snow. Many homebuyers are less enthusiastic about going to showings when it’s cold outside – and fewer available buyers means a lower chance of the spark which launches a bidding war. Also, Minnesotan parents are less likely to commit to the home buying process when they’ve got their kids’ hockey games, ski races and skating practices to attend to.

But none of this is to suggest that listing your home during the winter is a bad idea. Cold weather actually presents several distinct advantages to a home seller! Here are four reasons why the winter is a good time to sell your home or cabin.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Landscaping in the Winter

In our preamble we alluded to how curb appeal suffers during the winter. But in some circumstances, the opposite is true! Preparing a house for the market in the spring or summer typically demands that the seller invest in its landscaping and hardscaping. If your home is not already strong in either of these areas, then they may represent a significant investment.

Fortunately, potential buyers necessarily overlook deficiencies in a home’s landscaping when the snow has made them all invisible. This gives the seller more budget and greater freedom to update the interior of their listing. Furthermore, maintaining a home that’s always ready for a showing becomes much more manageable when you don’t have to mow, weed and prune before every potential buyer arrives for their tour!

Winter Is a Better Time to Show Off Certain Features

Listing in the winter gives you unique opportunities to showcase certain appealing features of your home which may have otherwise gone unnoticed. For example, does your home have a fireplace? According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), 77 percent of homebuyers would like a fireplace in their next home’s family room, and about half would appreciate having a fireplace in their living room. Light a nice fire before a homebuyer tours your property and let these preferences work in your favor!

The NAHB released data from another survey which show that 72 percent of homebuyers prefer homes which boast energy-efficient features. If your home has energy-efficient windows, a smart thermostat and a well-insulated attic, then those features are all going to shine much more brightly during the wintertime. Alternatively, adding these features to a home you plan on listing during winter represents a great investment.

There Is Less Market Competition During the Winter

Home prices are typically lowest during January and February – but don’t let that fact obscure the unique advantages to selling during the winter. While there may be fewer active buyers during the winter, there is also significantly less inventory. Fewer available listings means serious homebuyers are more motivated to purchase your home, and are accordingly likelier to forego lengthy negotiations, requests for price reductions and delayed closings. In short, if you want to sell quickly, then there is no better season to sell than winter!

More market exposure for your listing

As fewer people decide to list their homes for sale during the winter, Realtors can accordingly commit more of their resources to marketing each listing they’re fortunate enough to receive. The Boll Realty team uses this opportunity to create even greater value for our clients than usual, as we get to spend more time marketing their houses and cabins to potential buyers throughout Minnesota and beyond.

If you would like to benefit from the too often overlooked advantages of listing in the winter, then we welcome you to reach out to us today. With nearly 50 years of experience serving sellers and buyers throughout beautiful Otter Tail County, Minnesota, we’re your best solution for selling your home, cabin, hunting land and farmland quickly and for a great price!