You’re self-reliant – within reason. You know how to change a flat tire, but you probably wouldn’t attempt to replace your car’s entire engine on your own. You floss and brush daily, but you would definitely go to a dentist if you needed a root canal.

While the advantages to listing with an agent over doing a for sale by owner (FSBO) may not appear quite as obvious, there are in fact many good reasons to engage the help of a professional when you want to sell your home!

We should preface by making the primary appeal of an FSBO perfectly clear: It lets you avoid paying the listing and selling agents’ commissions, which usually total 3 to 5%. That means if your home sells for $400,000, you would part with as much as $24,000 in the process.

But it is inaccurate to view those commissions as a net loss. Realtors work hard to create value in several ways. You may not have appreciated all of them if you have worked with a Realtor in the past, although this is largely because your Realtor likely spared you from many of the challenges that await an FSBO seller. Without further ado, here are the reasons why it is better to list with an agent than do an FSBO!


Many Buyers’ Agents Refuse to Show FSBO Homes

Buyers’ agents are justifiably cautious about bringing their clients to FSBO homes. Realtors want any transaction they play a role in to go seamlessly – not only for their clients’ sakes, but also to avoid needless complications in their own line of work.

While we’re certain you’re perfectly reasonable, the unfortunate truth is that FSBO sellers often have unrealistic expectations for their transactions. They may be unwilling to agree to fair price reductions, or they may hold up a sale for any number of other reasons. In short, doing an FSBO will drastically limit the number of potential buyers who might step forward. That means more days on the market, which will ultimately eat into your bottom line.


A Listing Agent Helps You Remain Impartial

Your home is valuable, so you have a lot at stake should you decide to sell it. Even the coolest-headed among us may become emotional during so large a transaction, which is why help from a third party can make such a great difference.

A listing agent will help keep you impassive throughout the (oftentimes emotionally taxing) listing process. They will dissuade you from listing your home for an unrealistically high price, refuse low-ball offers graciously, and follow up with potential buyers without risking coming across as desperate. However poised you might be, repeatedly dealing with rejection becomes disheartening. A Realtor spares you from so much stress!


A Listing Agent Saves You Time

Take it from us: Selling a house can be a complex and drawn-out process. We’re certain you have far better things to do than schedule photography, stage your home, market it on multiple online services, keep yourself available for showings, follow up with buyers’ agents, sit down to negotiate, and tend to all the other minutia which selling a home for its best price demands paying attention to.


A Listing Agent Broadcasts to a Wide Network

Zillow. Redfin. Trulia. Opendoor. Craigslist. The Multiple Listing Service. RealtorAll of these online services are effective in their own rights, but even they aren’t enough to reach all of your home’s potential buyers.

Realtors go well beyond the internet while marketing homes for sale. For example, the Realtors of Boll Realty possess an extensive list of contacts who have expressed interest in buying property throughout Otter Tail County, Minnesota, and we’re able to deliver our newest clients’ listings to them in a matter of minutes. Our Realtors are also closely connected to the community, and frequently find buyers through good old-fashioned word of mouth. In other words, a Realtor has likely already spent years fostering the kinds of professional and personal connections which sell homes fast!


Realtors Are Skilled Negotiators

We like the way Sir David Frost once put it: “Diplomacy is the art of letting someone else have your way.” But negotiation is a delicate art. It demands spine and tact, can never be motivated by emotion, and must always be conducted in good faith. Skillful real estate negotiations also require thorough familiarity with the current market, as that equips the negotiator to discard unrealistic counteroffers.

A Realtor has honed the art of negotiation over the course of their entire career. A layman simply cannot hope to catch up during their first and only deal!

If you would like to save time and hassle, reach the widest available network of potential buyers, shield yourself from legal risks, and potentially sell your home for a higher price – even when you take a listing agent’s commission into account – then we welcome you to reach out to Boll Realty today. With nearly 50 years of experience serving sellers and buyers throughout beautiful Otter Tail County, Minnesota, we’re your best solution for selling your home, cabin, hunting land or farmland quickly and for a great price!