“In the early morning on the lake sitting in the stern of the boat with his father rowing, he felt quite sure that he would never die.”
– Ernest Hemingway

The sun is still moments away from cresting over the horizon. Cool mist rises from the lake’s glassy surface like sweat off the back of some mighty beast in the wintertime. A light breeze dips all the reeds lining the shore gently to the side, and then lets off so they may all rise up together again. A pair of ducks, one with a head as green as an emerald, glides down and skitters to a stop in the lake’s center. They quack among themselves, contentedly.

You watch this simple majesty unfurl from your deck, as pleased as someone can possibly be.

Serenity and beauty. Together, these are the greatest reasons to buy lakefront property, and fortune has surely provided ample opportunity to do so in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. But owning a lakeside home in this great state won’t just let you spend as much time as you like in paradise. There are many more reasons to buy Minnesota lakefront!

Minnesota Lakefront Is a Great Investment

We doubt you would ever want to sell your lakefront property, but your net worth wouldn’t suffer if you did. On average, lakeside family homes sell for approximately 25% more than comparable homes that aren’t by the water. Lakefront properties are in increasingly higher demand, and as the population of Minnesota continues to grow the number of potential buyers for your lakefront property will only increase as well.

They aren’t making any more lakes. Demand for lakefront may skyrocket, but the supply will always remain the same. You don’t need to study economics to know what that means!

Living Near Water Can Improve Your Health

Beautiful surroundings can have a dramatic impact on your overall well-being. This is something which poets and scientists can both agree on! According to biologist and author of Blue Mind Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, spending only a short amount of time near water can reduce stress and anxiety, lower heart and breathing rates, and even help manage several afflictions including anxiety disorders.

Lakefront Property Will Improve Your Social Life

If you ask a Minnesotan how they enjoy their time off, there is an extremely high chance they will answer “spending time at the lake with friends and family.” It’s truly remarkable, but it also means that if you own lakefront property, your friends and family are going to want to spend time with you! (We assume you welcome that prospect.)

You Can Save Money on Vacations

The average vacation for a family of four costs over $4,500. Now, we’re not suggesting that you should exclusively vacation at your lakeside property in Minnesota, but when you don’t feel like dropping several thousand dollars and subjecting your family to the torture of modern air travel, you’ll be glad to have your own personal Xanadu only a short drive away.

You Will Live Closer to Nature

Many lakefront property owners take more than a passive interest in the surrounding scenery. Kayakers, canoers, paddleboarders and swimmers can all take immediate satisfaction from living so close to water. Anglers aren’t limited to their own lakes, as every body of water in Minnesota is conveniently located near dozens of others. And if you have a keen urge to reach for your side-by-side whenever ducks land near you, you’ll love unleashing volleys of #2 steel shot from a blind only a few minutes away from your lakefront home.

You Will Get to Work With Boll Realty

This is one of the greatest reasons to buy Minnesota lakefront! With regular new listings at over 35 lakefronts around Otter Tail County, Boll Realty is poised to offer precisely the idyllic landscape and home you’ve always dreamt of owning. Our team has also been honored to help people buy and sell hunting land, farmland and cabins around our beautiful neck of the woods since 1975. And – dare we say it – we’re all very pleasant to work with. We welcome you to reach out to us today!